Margo Reilly

Margo is an author, blogger, speaker, and empowerment mentor.  After over 22+ years in public education, she is sharing her stories of triumph to inspire others who are also meant for more. Her new self-help memoir, When the Apple Falls Far from the Tree, outlines her lifelong journey in discovering her truest self and the tools she used to thrive along the way.

Margo has faced many obstacles throughout life and has experience in a multitude of areas.  From a chaotic childhood, to cancer recovery, multiple weight loss journeys, and a newly sober lifestyle– she feels compelled to reveal all the resources used to make it to the other side of these challenging lessons.

Through reading books, listening to podcasts, and investing in countless courses to gain personal growth, she has discovered names and resources that helped her to understand her lessons and struggles.  Finding this wealth of motivation and inspiration is what led her to want to share with you.  She believes that we are all meant for more!  And that our personal story is an integral part of our path forward.  We must learn to embrace it.  All the parts- the good, the bad, the ugly!